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Dovetail based shoulder support with follow focus and weightless counter weight system.

The SC4:LARGE is created for filmmakers with long workdays, long shoots or heavy setups with many accessories that needs to be attached to the rig. The backrod and waistbelt provides the most effective counter weight system out there. It performs the same function as an ordinary heavy counter weight system but without adding weight. And not only does it takes all weight of your arms, it even allows you to let go of the handles. Together with the large and comfortable angeled shoulder piece that distributes the weight evenly over your shoulder, you will be able to carry a heavy setup for a long period of time.

The dovetail system makes the transition from tripod/no rig to shoulder as fast and clean as it can get. The shoulder piece and handles unit can be detached from the rig in seconds, leaving you with a complete tripod top consisting of a 150mm dual dovetail plate, bridgeplate with two 15mm iris rods, quick release plate, camera fixation plate for one screw mount cameras and follow focus.

The SC4:LARGE includes our unique reversible belt driven one-rod-mount SC4:FFOCUS that together with the handles unit is designed in a way that makes it possible to hold onto the handles while pulling focus. We’ve also added an SC:ATTACH that can be used to support larger lenses with tripod support, or to attach accessories.

This really is three rigs in one since everything for assemblying the SC4:SMALL or SC4:MEDIUM is included. This way you can always choose the right rig for the occasion. It suits all DSLRs and camcorders and is also compatible with cages of all kinds

The SC4:LARGE is delivered in an SC:CASE MEDIUM water-, dust- and shock protection case in black plastic.


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• Complete production camera support
• Heavy duty shoulder pad
• Weightless counterweight system
• Belt driven follow focus system
• Allows for mounting of any 15mm compatible accessories
• Suits all DSLR- and camcorders.
• Enables quick changes from tripod/no rig to shoulder setup
• Can be assembled for left- and right-hand use.
• Anti twist system to prevent DSLR cameras from rotating
• Sliding quick release plate (Manfrotto 501PL compatible).
• Lightweight, 4,9lbs (2,2kg)
• Aluminium 7075 construction for strength and durability.
• Ergonomic Design.


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